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    lemmyleong on 06:48, Apr 4, 2013
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    I think that it's quite interesting to note that while the Malaysian real estate market remains as cut-throat as ever it is also is quite profitable for those who are masters in the game of property investments. Every since I started writing property reviews I have gotten tremendous feedback from people who enjoy reading my little snippets on the Malaysia real estate market.

    But I beg to differ...

    There are some pockets of growth as far as the Malaysia real estate market is concerned. I really like properties in Mont Kiara, Sentul and Bangsar. Upmarket property is actually quite easy to sell, and you don't need to deal with bottom-of-the-barrel scrapers who decide based on price. It's never good to deal with the mass market.

    So my advice to new real estate agents is to focus on high value customers. Don't deal with peasants. End of rant.