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TOPIC: Renovate own house

Re:Renovate own house 7 years 8 months ago #5706

Cecelia Chik wrote:
Hi Marlon

Could please explain to me what is setback for house? I getting confuse.

Hi Cecilia,
I think setback actually is second boundry for every single development. The property owner must left a bit of their land for building setback. The setback purpose is to limit the owner of property to build their building untill the end of lot. It was a regulation decide from local authorithy. Setback in front of main road actually used for federal future development such as widening the road or drainage system. It also used as utility underground cabel line area. For right, left and rear setback, it was a boundry for neighbourhood especially for single house. For fire prevention is must because the fire can move easily if the building is too close for each other. Very important to you to check with your local authoritity or architect for this matter before you start design your bulding plan. Correct me if i'm wrong.:)
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Re:Renovate own house 7 years 8 months ago #5707

Hi Marlon

Thanks for the information.
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Re:Designing house for renovation 7 years 8 months ago #5708

miss teeya wrote:
Hi Marlon,

How to left the greenery if I am renovating the 2nd floor apartment? There is no place to plant at all. The balcony is usually used for dry area.


Hi Miss Teeya,
For my opinion, i will used some part of my window to make some landscape beside to have my balcony as landscpae area. You know that we can make the grille for window a bit come out for some small potted plant that have little maintainance.Camomile plant also suitable for grille but must have regular maintainance.:laugh:
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Re:Renovate own house 7 years 8 months ago #5717

ya, I get the idea. I can try to re-design my house. Hope it works as I have enough space to do that. Are you sure I will get enough sunlight because that is only window in the living hall. ;)
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Re:Renovate own house 7 years 7 months ago #5911

  • Annabelle
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I am in the midst of renovating my apartment and it is a NIGHTMARE with the contractor. First he took his time to send his people over there. At times we would be waiting for 2 - 3days with no show although he said he would send someone over. He would have to renovate 3 bathrooms. What he did was he broke the walls of all 3 rooms and proceeded to do only the master and the mid-level bathrooms leaving the bottom level unit untouched (the walls already hacked). He could have left the bottom level unit untouched until he has completed the other two. Not only the walls hacked he removed all the doors. Just imagine doing your thing in the bathroom with open door.

He did not follow the plan and changed the colour of the floor tiles. Now he has to break the tiles and put in actual ones. He is one lousy contractor and a stupid one to boot. He hacked 2 windows and he was to plaster up the sides BEFORE he put in the new ones. The windows are the 'flip up and down' type not the throw open type It's for the bathrooms). He installed the new ones WITHOUT plastering the sides cos he said he will do that later. Haha.....So how is on earth is he going to plaster the sides if he can't get to the outside to do it? With the throw open windows he can get to the sides but with the other type, he has to physically go out of the unit and do the plastering. He will fall to his death if he makes a slip.Hope you guys know what I am talking about, the windows I mean.

There so many issues that I cannot write them all. Maybe tomorrow.

This contractor ought to be shot. :angry:
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Re:Renovate own house 7 years 1 month ago #17924

  • mlsl219
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I had a similar problem with contractor in malaysia. His name is Oh B Ht 0162029859 and drive a 4 wheel drive bearing vehicle number wne4797. He stay in Puchong. He is a very good saleman talk. He will bring me to the site that he does the job and tell me how good he is and show me the work he done.
I engage him and every week he is asking for money even he did not do the job. He ask me to help and keep telling me that he need the money to buy materials and so forth. I pay him everything as i was not residing in kl and did the reno for my condo.. He never do the job. Cannot contact him. He never answer my call. I fly back and went to the coffee shop to look for him and he got angry and told me to get someone to do the job and he never turn up. He is a real 1st hand sales ....con...
Do think twice if u want to engage him as once u engage him , he will tell you all the story that he cannot collect money from people he done the job... and so forth. So stupid of me , believe in him.... Beware of this contractor
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