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Arranging Viewings

Arrange Viewings

Look through property adverts. The main way of finding properties to view is to look through property advertisements either on the internet (websites such as www.thinkproperty.com.my and www.iproperty.com.my) or the printed press.

Drive around. Another way of finding properties to view is to drive through the area where you want to buy and look for any properties for sale as advertised by the estate agent’s board placed at the front of the property. This is a good way of getting familiar with the area and of identifying suitable properties.

Arrange the viewings. Identify suitable properties and call the numbers featured on the advertisements. Very few owners advertise their properties directly – normally the person you contact will be an estate agent marketing the property on behalf of the owner. Find out more details from the agent about the property advertised and arrange a time for viewing during daylight hours, when any evidence of poor workmanship can easily be seen, if the property fits your requirements. Tell the agent your requirements and find out whether the agent has any other properties on their books which may be suitable. Make sure you let the agent know your essential requirements so you don’t waste your time viewing unsuitable properties.

Do not rely on only one agent. Estate agents get paid by commission from the seller on the sale of the property. The buyer does not pay the estate agent. Use several agents to show you properties – if you rely on only one agent you will be unable to determine whether the properties on his book are fairly priced compared to other properties on the market.

Take notes. During viewings, write down the property details and your impressions of the properties. Take photos with a digital camera or mobile phone if the owner allows you to. This will help you compare properties and remind you of the properties you have seen. It is all too easy getting confused between different properties if you do a lot of viewings.

Arrange second viewings. Create a shortlist of suitable properties and arrange second viewings. Take your time during second viewings and scrutinise the property. Don’t hesitate to open windows, sliding doors, taps, etc to ascertain whether they are in good working order.

Do not make an offer until you have done all your final checks. Don’t feel shy about asking for a third or even fourth viewing before you make an offer on a property. Make sure you visit the property at different times of the day - go to the property during rush hour to check for any traffic problems. This is an important purchase and you need to make sure you are entirely comfortable with the property before you buy. If you are not comfortable, do not buy. Most agents will be professional and will not pressure you, but if an agent does pressure you it is usually better to walk away.