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  • Is it viable and timely to connect property pricing with property valuation?

    hfchuraymond@yahoo.com on 16:46, Dec 12, 2010
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    At present, property owners are free to fix the price.

    Is it viable and timely to connect property pricing with property valuation?

    By so doing, there would be less trouble in price changing. Also, banks will find less hassle to process loan when the price is already predetermined.

     Certainty and reliability will be attained towards better co-operation between the purchaser, vendor and the bank. 


  • Separate Property Account for Purchaser and Vendor

    hfchuraymond@yahoo.com on 16:24, Dec 10, 2010
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    I have posted a similar topic concerning the risk of falling prey to the sweet talk of so called property agents telling you everything is possible, when, you finally discover that what they say and what you read in the letter of appointment of agent is contradictory to each other.

    Nowadays, agent charged commission, with or without sale.

    In fact, no commission is chargeable, since no work, no pay !

     It would be almost impossible to find, if an agent is not collaborating with an inside person to trick a vendor into believing that he has a genuine purchaser with the purpose that the vendor pays him the commission first, regardless of whether the deal fails.

    This is an uninsured risk which unfortunately falls to the vendor as property owner. 

    Some even collect a booking fee. In fact, only a nominal fee should be payable towards the defrayment of advertisement fees with the production of receipts as proof of advertisement.


  • Property agent vs agent's company letter of appointment

    hfchuraymond@yahoo.com on 16:12, Dec 8, 2010
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    Have just come across an experience where a property agent charges 3% for commission. If the deal is aborted, then it is 1.5%.

    Imagine the irony of such agent fees and they put the  Registered Valuer's endorsement of their registration number to blanket ride this ridiculous charges.

    This is almost unbelieveable given that commission is only meant when the sale is completed not when it is not successful.

     This explains why houseowners decide to sell without agent.

    Won't be surprise if this is a dying trade very soon ! 


  • Copy of bank loan documents verifiable

    hfchuraymond@yahoo.com on 17:36, Nov 16, 2010
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    Heard of bank loan documentations.

    Have you heard of bank loan documentations verifiable ?

    At no extra charge and hassle free. 

  • Rediscovery of Good Negotiation Skills

    hfchuraymond@yahoo.com on 18:15, Nov 15, 2010
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    This is one  of the most important skills one will need today especially in the real estate.

    Do you wish to tell someone something which is really a rediscovery for those who haven't reached where you are today?

    I haven't, then again, ... some secrets are meant to be secrets, unless it is not one before.

     Any comments ? 



  • Property Pricing Factor

    hfchuraymond@yahoo.com on 16:06, Oct 29, 2010
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    In most instances, not in many words, a purchase is as much as the property and usually pricing is tagged from the price before sale.


    In my opinion, a 1st time owner should be equally adequate to determine the price of sale, especially if property valuation is determined by loan repayment with the years passing together with bank interests.


    Surely, this is a factor which sale price is much a factor to be considered.


  • Marketing Property or Not

    hfchuraymond@yahoo.com on 15:48, Sep 15, 2010
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     Many a times, we hear of comments and remarks of sales of property as marketing property.

     Are all sales a transformation of how the market rules are followed ?

    So far, there is yet any of such rules for public information.

    In my opinion, market rules are defined in the way the public see as reliable and sustainable.  What do you think ?

    You may write in a comment.  No rules on commenting unless you are not.

  • Property Value and Demand

    hfchuraymond@yahoo.com on 19:01, Aug 13, 2010
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     There is a saying, 'don't put all your eggs in one basket'.

    Some say, property value and demand is what makes the property sector grow year by year.

    Others say, it is a combination of various factors and support from all.

     In my opinion, economic growth is the sum total of every effort made to promote and sustain growth, whether short term or long term.

    What do you say ?