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Budget approved for replacement homes

Extract from The Star (17/3/2017)

The Federal Government has approved RM56mil to build 400 houses in Ampar Tenang, Sepang, for former estate workers from the Prang Besar, Galloway, Sedgeley and Medengley estates.

The former estate workers are now living in the rundown low-cost flats in Taman Permata, Dengkil.

The building of the replacement homes, under the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry, hit a snag last year when a contractor who was awarded the project could not agree with the price offered by the Finance Ministry.

Dengkil assemblyman Shahrom Mohd Sharif was confident that the project, which was supposed to have started in April last year, would be implemented within the next few months.

He said Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar had assured that the project would be carried out without further delay.

Shahrom said the minister had taken a personal interest in the welfare of the affected residents and they would soon be given replacement single-storey terrace houses.

He said it was unfortunate that the project was delayed due to technical problems, plunging the former estate workers into further misery.

“The Finance Ministry will call for an open tender before a suitable contractor is appointed to implement the project.


“I understand the predicament of the former estate workers and their families, and will do my best to help them out,” he said.


On Dec 10, 2016, StarMetro reported that the residents, who had put up with a lot of inconveniences at the flats since moving in 1999, were disappointed with the further delay.

It was reported that the residents were left feeling cheated after discovering that a piece of land allocated by the Selangor Government for the project had been left idle.

Taman Permata Residents Association (TPRA) chairman K. Ramadass said the news that a new tender would be called soon had brought cheer to the residents.

He said the problem had dragged on for too long, and the residents were suffering while waiting for their new homes.

“We are just asking for what is due to us in the form of proper housing compared to what we have now.

“The condition of the five blocks of flats is not conducive for occupation and it is unfair that the situation has prolonged for many years,” he said, adding that the project was initially scheduled to be completed by the middle of 2018.

On March 17 last year, StarMetro reported that Taman Permata residents were still waiting for new homes after Sepang Municipal Council (MPSepang) declared their flats were unsafe for occupation three years ago.

The 80 affected families had then taken shelter under tents in the carpark of the flats.

The residents had complained that the units had cracks, with wall tiles falling off and the ceilings on the verge of collapse.

Although MPSepang declared Block 5 safe, some occupants did not want to return to their units for fear of their safety.

Some of the families are being temporarily housed at a nearby community hall.