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Property Agent?

Property Agent?Are you a property agent?

If so, then you have to start using thinkproperty.my simply because we are the most effective way to market your properties in Malaysia!

At the end of 2008, thinkproperty.my's traffic was 400% of where it was at the beginning of 2008. Incredible growth, but it has not stopped there. Traffic is currently more than 500% of what it was at the end of 2008!

So it should not be much of a surprise for us to tell you that property agents across Malaysia have been getting results and closing deals. Why else would more and more agents be listing? In October 2008 property agents were listing around 2,000 listings per month on thinkproperty.my. Now that figure is 35,000 per month.

Here are just some of the benefits of using thinkproperty.my as your property marketing tool...

1.    Unlimited Listings
Some websites limit the number of properties you can list. Thinkproperty.my gives no such limit.

2.    Free Listings
Listings are completely free. Like Google, Yahoo and Facebook, we are essentially a free service.

3.    12 Photos per Property
So you can show your property off to the maximum, and minimise wasted calls.

4.    Fast Image Uploads
Thinkproperty.my has Malaysia's fastest image upload system - up to 12 images can be uploaded at the same time, so no more choosing the image, waiting, then choosing, then waiting. Now you just choose all the images and wait.

5.    Access Property Wanted
There are over 1,000 requests for property wanted. Start using thinkproperty.my and you will have access to every single Property Wanted listing (for free!). If you have the property wanted in your inventory, you can close a deal straight away. Further, you can post as many Property Wanted requests as you want.

6.    Participate in our Forum
Participate in one of the most active property forums in Malaysia. Show your knowledge and build up your client base.

7.    Free SMS to Your Phone
Get SMS queries to your phone so you can react fast and close that deal.

But the biggest benefit of thinkproperty.my is that if you list your property, it will help you close deals.

So don't miss this out!