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Think Mail

Think MailThink Mail is the world’s only comprehensive internal messaging system within a property portal.

It brings real estate professionals and potential buyers and tenants closer together, and allows users to communicate via email without the spam.

Some property portals publish users or agents email addresses. That means spiders can get access to your email address and then start sending you spam. Now you know why you get so much spam!

So how do you use Think Mail?

Think Mail is surprisingly easy to use. Every registered user on thinkproperty.my has their own Think Mail Account. When a mail is sent to you, you will receive an email telling you that you have a Think Mail, and when you login you will see a pop window telling you that you have a message.

If you want to reply to a Think Mail simply click Reply and type your message and then press Send.

If you want to send a new mail just find the user you want to send a Think Mail to and click on Send Message.