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What has everyone been saying about thinkproperty.my?


What property agents have said…

Sharmila Taluar, Reapfield Properties

"I just sold a property for RM2.2m on thinkproperty.my and I have only very recently started listing on the site. Fantastic!"

Irene Lim, CY Harta

"I recently transacted my first sale via a property portal. A buyer placed a Property Wanted ad in thinkproperty.my and I responded by writing to her, and eventually I closed the deal! Thanks and keep up the good work"

Hasan Ahmad, Wesley Realty

"I'm now getting more responses from buyers and tenants on thinkproperty.my than any other property website, including fee-charging ones."

John Tiong, EU AS Properties

"The free service is just amazing! I have already sold a few properties by listing on thinkproperty.my."

Maureen Cheah, Midas properties

"Thinkproperty is the first  property portal that I have posted my listings onto since Jan 2008. I have not looked back since then as it works for me 24-7 with tremendous results, whatmore it is at zero cost to me."

Jasbir Singh, Asiana Properties

"I have tried using most of the well-known property portals in Malaysia. The only property portal I use today is thinkproperty.my."

Sarah Lim, SANG Associates

"I just closed two deals totalling over RM7m on thinkproperty.my. And no fees for listing! The response just keeps getting so much stronger every month."

Tim Chong, Juste Land

"It is user friendly and the photo upload system is very fast and easy. I also got good responses for my listings. I am so happy to advertise and very thankful for thinkpropery.my and your team for providing this kind of good and free service."

Rajesh Taluar, Reapfield Properties

"Thinkproperty.my works for me because the system makes it easy for me to add or update my listings. Whenever I've needed any technical assistance, the Helpdesk has been quite reliable too. Keep up the good work!"

Mohamed Usman, Megasland Sdn Bhd

"Thinkproperty.my is a very wonderful platform for real estate agents to advertise properties. I received lots of calls and inquiries. Last month, I just sold a property worth a million!"

Manson Chan, Goldmine Properties

"Thinkproperty.my is very convenient to use even for those not very used to this kind of technology."

Elaine Boh, Full Homes Realty

I got lots of responses and feedbacks from thinkproperty.my than any other property websites where I also listed my properties. I'll highly recommend thinkproperty.my to my collegues."

Jason Yong, City Two Property

"Thinkproperty.my is the best property portal in Malaysia. I have been a big supporter since their early days – we liked the design and the simplicity of the site. In the last few months things have really taken off in a big way. The response is fantastic, and we have closed a number of deals using by using thinkproperty.my."

Mdm Khoo, Rahim & Co

"Lots of enquiries, lots of sales leads. Thinkproperty.my has been excellent in terms of responses, particularly this year. It’s a wonderful and easy-to-use website. I wholeheartedly recommend it."

Yani Ding, Premier Realty

"Anyone who still skeptical about thinkproperty.my has not tried them recently. I am getting a terrific response from my listings, otherwise I wouldn’t keep listing! And that’s why all the other agents are putting their properties on thinkproperty.my. They’re all getting results."

Michael Ng, General Manager, Steadfast

"Since we have started using thinkproperty.my, negotiators tell me that we have been getting plenty of enquiries and in many cases we are seeing them turn into sales-and as time goes by they seem to be getting more enquiries. We told all our negotiators to start to using your website to list all their properties. Keep up the great work and, by the way, the website us just brilliant."

Carol Foong, Negotiator, UPC Properties

 "Good work. I love it that you are free, and what surprises me is that even though you are free deliver - I have had lots of calls using thinkproperty.my. As you do not charge I thought I could at least say thank you."

Steven K Mohan, Negotiator, Four Seasons Properties

 "I’m getting results. And as time goes on I’m getting more and more results. It’s free, so there is really nothing to think about."

Kevin Goh, Negotiator, Zenhill

 "Thinkproperty.my has been fantastic in helping me generate sales leads. The site looks great, it feels professional, and it's very easy to use. Thanks very much and keep up the good works."

Steven Ooi, Negotiator, Reapfield

 "Thinkproperty.my is the best property site so far, easy to use, very fast in uploading pictures and a lot of features free of charge. What more can we ask for? Keep up the good work. Cheers."

Willa Wong, Negotiator, MetroWorld

 "Thinkproperty.my has set a new benchmark in Malaysia for property portals. It does not surprise me in the slightest that the agents in our office are all beginning to register and get their listings on the site. We're all getting results and the word is spreading fast. And all of this for free? I really don't understand. Well done."

Jane Shum, Negotiator, Chancellors

 "You have created a great website. Thinkproperty.my is so easy to use, has so many features, yet is simple and easy on the eye. Keep up the incredible work. I just wanted to say thanks."

Sharifah Aljunied, Negotiator, Kim Realty

 "Thinkproperty is my best friend.They dont charge me but they help me make money."

Albert Kok, Negotiator

 "Your website certainly created a great impact in terms of getting response and leads. No doubts about it."

Elsie Yong, Negotiator, CK Realty

 "I would like to thank thinkproperty.my. Thinkproperty is the ONLY website that I advertise with."

Abby Yee, Negotiator, Metroworld Realty

 "Congratulations! Outstanding website! On behalf of all negotiators, millions of thanks to you all. Keep it up and thank you."

Diane Chin, Negotiator, Jutanas Realty

"Thank you. Thinkproperty.com.my is of great service to our community."

Tony John, Negotiator, Piccadilly Relators

"Thanks for your prompt and detailed explanations.I wish all other organisations and companies in the web were as helpful as yourselves."

Karen Lock, Negotiator, Metro Homes

"You are doing a good job. Thinkproperty.my is very user friendly and well organised. You are "THE ONE". Keep it up."


What users have said…

Sammy Naz, Property Investor, Dubai

"I'm just emailing to simply tell you that you guys have done an amazing job with the site. I thank you for making my hunt for house in Malaysia so much easier. The search engine makes it very easy to find properties."

Lal Bharwani, Blogger, New York

"I am a Malaysian, but I currently reside in the US. Needless to say, thinkproperty.my is a god-sent! I am a fairly active blogger but this is the first web forum in Malaysia that is worth a read. The forums have grown not only in size, but certainly in quality. Great product!"

SK Goh, Individual User, Malaysia

"The service is fantastic."

Farin Fay, Property Investor, UK

"Thinkproperty.my is the best property search engine in Malaysia."


What the press have said…

The Sun

"Despite strong competition from numerous property websites, thinkproperty.my has seen unparalleled listings since its launch."

New Straits Times

"...surf to thinkproperty.my to gain some insights into the fine art of buildings a qualitative property listing website...the site looks classy...it contains a mountain of listings...the site is a must-visit."