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Showing Your Property

Showing Your PropertyThe estate agents you have instructed will market your property and arrange with you a convenient time for prospective buyers to see the property. You may choose to be present during viewings or let the agent show the property on their own. For the first few viewing, try to be at the property to pick up any feedback from the prospective buyers.

Generally, prospective buyers feel more at ease viewing the property without the owner being present but by being present you would have the opportunity to address any concerns the buyer may have about your property. So it can be both negative and positive to be at the viewing.

What is more important is that you make it very easy for an estate agent to view a property. Agents and prospective buyers will usually have so many different properties that any delays from the seller can mean the viewing will not take place.


Before allowing any prospective buyers in your property, and even before allowing estate agents in for valuation, you need to consider how best to present your property in order to optimise the potential of your property.

A few simple steps can greatly enhance the value of your property:

Clean up: remove all clutter, make sure your property is sparkling clean and smells fresh and pleasant

Ensure comfortable viewing: switch on the air conditioner (AC) or fans before viewings; also switch all the lights on before viewings so the rooms are full of light

Time for repairs: fix any leaks, creaky doors and jammed windows

Decorate: plants and pictures are easy ways to enhance the look of your property

Don’t forget the outside: first impressions count so tidy the front of your property; a beautifully-landscaped garden can also add much to the value of a property.

The biggest mistake that sellers make when selling a property is take the attitude that the prospective buyer will not care if the place is presented poorly as they will clean and tidy up once they own the property. Nearly all prospective buyers do not have the ability to visualise how a poorly-presented property would look if it was well-presented. If they see a poorly-presented house, no matter how good the potential of the house, they will remember the house with negative thoughts, and will be unlikely to buy the property.